Policies & FAQ

Each session is 6 classes. Classes are 1 hour in duration and will meet once a week. Dates, location, and times of classes are subject to change.  If classes have to be cancelled due to rain outs or park closures, we will add an extra week to the end of the session.  See our website for the latest schedule.

Class enrollment is set to a minimum of 5 children and maximum of 30 children to operate.  Classes can be altered, canceled, added or changed by location for various reasons but you would of course be informed of any changes as soon as physically possible. Class dates subject to change.

If your child/children register for 2 classes per week, we will discount the 2nd class 50%.

Our child/coach ratio (regular and vets classes) is 7/1 or less in a full class. (example: 12 children, 2 coaches ). If the class is not full then the ratio is even better.

Registration & classes are filled on a first received basis.  Your child will be considered registered only when a  registration form & payment has been received though our website.
It has now become necessary for us to collect ALL payments at the time of enrollment.

All classes are filled on a first come first served basis. Once registration starts it carries on until the class is filled. You can register at any time during a session. Any classes missed due to late enrollment, sick, or vacation can be made up at any of our classes
*All Make ups must be done within the current session. - As of Spring 2017, no refunds will be given for missed classes.

If you miss class, you can make it up by attending another class at any time except for classes designated as full. MAX 2 PER SESSION PLEASE . You can do 2 one session, 2 the next session etc etc if you have more than two though.
Make-ups have no expiry date and you do not need to let us know or ask permission, just look at the schedule online, pick a class and show up. Please inform the coach when you arrive though that it's a make-up you are doing.
We realize with many of our classes now being full it may be a problem attending not full classes. If the only classes you can attend are full them please e-mail to see which classes are more suitable to attend. If you know ahead of time you are going to miss a class and it is more convenient to make-up a class BEFORE you actually 'miss it' then that's fine also. We DO NOT offer prorated fees or credit on future sessions because of personally missed classes or if your child has chosen not to participate in the classes. No exceptions.

No refunds will be given once payment has been received. NO EXCEPTIONS

If a class, camp, event or any other program Allstar Baseball and Big Rookies is cancelled due to weather, sickness, field closures, and any other items, a credit will be issued to use at anytime in the 
future. Your credit(s) will not expire and is transferable.  No Refunds will be given, no exceptions.

In case of any of the above conditions please call 858-344-7678 around 45 minutes before the start time of the first class in your morning or afternoon session. e.g. Please don't just presume it's canceled if it's raining at your house. It may not be at the field. If class is canceled, there will be a cancellation message, otherwise class is as usual. FYI--Unless it's actually raining hard at the time, we will most likely be doing class. For classes that are canceled by us due to weather etc: We will make up classes at the end of the session during the break in between sessions. Or, you may choose to make up the class on another day. If there are more than one per session or we don't have the break after the session, you may choose to make up the class on another day or receive credit towards a future session.

Every player is required to bring their own equipment. Due to covid, there is no sharing of any equipment at any time. Equipment needed: Bat, Helmet, Glove/Mit, a ball cap, and a water bottle.

Parents, bring something for yourself to sit on.

Military Discount: 10%
Sibling Discount 20%
**Only one discount can be applied**

***Site credit cannot be used with discounts.***

Children with special needs are very welcome in our classes. Our child coach ratio is super low and we are very visual with our instruction. Please indicate on your registration form any special needs your child has and also feel free to speak to your child's coach personally before the start of your first class also if you would like to. This way we can obviously help your child in the correct way for his or her needs during the class.

Veterans classes are for children who are ready for little competition. Please don't feel you need to move your child into these classes based on the length of time they have been in a regular class. The majority of children will not be ready for these classes, for a long time. (If ever). It's not only a question of age, but also having reached a physical/emotional/social stage of development. This is the best way to master any skill. Also, as parents you may get bored, but the kids don't--we promise! It's comforting to know 'the drill' and that's how they learn. We do not wish to discourage anyone from wanting to enroll their child in these classes if they are ready for them, however, if you are in doubt please talk to your child's coach. Please do not be offended if we say they're not ready!

These classes are for children who are ready for a competitive class. (Abate a lighthearted and still super fun one).  This class is ideal for children who do seasonal rec T-Ball but are still wanting to play T-Ball at other times of the year, or children who have grown too old/big or skilled for the regular or veterans classes but have no desire to join a team and would prefer a weekly fun class instead.

AllStar Baseball & Softball classes are not 'drop off'. Although the majority of parents enjoy a little quiet time on the side of the field watching their child participate in the class independently. They must be over 18 and be present at all times as they are ultimately responsible for their child even during the class.


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  • "Coach Kurtis Swanberg has the unique ability to adapt to each players skills and progress them each week to another higher level of the game. His coaching is amazing."
    Mark Loretta - San Diego, CA